Haves and Have Nots in Artificial Intelligence

The government needs a long term plan to ensure we do not end up on the wrong side of techno-colonialism.

If you go by the pronouncements of the government, or talk to any corporate leader, you get the impression that India is moving rapidly on the (AI) front. And that impression would not be entirely wrong if you take a very narrow view of the future of AI. But by focusing only on how AI can be applied for more efficient solutions, we are losing out on the opportunity to guide the direction of the technology while there is still time.

Over the past year and a half, the government has been focusing on how AI can improve governance and service delivery. Four committees set up by the Ministry of Electronics and have submitted reports on issues such as data platforms, skilling and re-skilling, leveraging AI for national mission and cyber security, legal and ethical matter.

Prosenjit Datta

Prosenjit Datta is former editor of Businessworld and Business Today magazines

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